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Why we love sexy villains

Michael Easton

Why do we love those sexy villains? That’s what I’m writing about today over at Toni Andrews’ blog, Something Different This Way Comes. She’s published with Harlequin, so I thought I should write about something romantic. But romance isn’t huge in my novels. There are plenty of attractive men, but my heroines are too busy solving crimes to get seriously involved, so I decided writing about my villains would be the next best thing.


Gabriel, the mysterious killer in Eldercide, bears an uncanny resemblance to Michael Easton, the actor who plays Lieutenant John McBain on One Life to Live. But Michael was a lot sexier playing the tormented vampire Caleb Morley on the defunct soap opera Port Charles. Visit Toni’s blog to learn more about Gabriel and Michael. And check out Michael’s website for more photos. He’s also a poet, graphic novelist and film director. (BTW, my husband’s well aware of this fascination of mine.) 

It’s not too late to take the Jung Typology Test I described on yesterday’s blog, both here and at Jane Kennedy Sutton’s Jane’s Ride. Just go to www.humanmetrics.com. So far all the writers I’ve heard from score as introverts. Are there any extrovert writers out there? Extrovert readers, maybe? Curious minds want to know.

Tomorrow I’ll be at Morgan Mandel’s Double M blog, talking about self-publishing. She’s also been generous enough to give me a shout-out at Acme Authors.

Just one more post to write for this Blog Book Tour! I was hoping to do it today, but I need to get cleaned up to usher for Ani DiFranco’s concert at The Egg. I last heard her when I was in the studio audience for Conan O’Brien’s late late show when he was just starting out. We’ll probably both look older!