Mood Swing: About the book

Order from Amazon or

Order from Amazon or

Suicide can be an alluring option for people with bipolar disorder. Erika Norgren should know. Like Stephen Wright, the gifted young artist she finds sprawled dead behind WellSpring, Erika has experienced the devastating mood swings of the disease.

As Director of WellSpring, the social club that’s a safe haven for the mentally ill on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Erika has coped brilliantly – till now. Stephen’s death throws the club into turmoil. Then another club member with bipolar disorder dies of a drug overdose on the club’s front steps. Death by suicide, death by drugs – business as usual, or so the police assume.

Erika suspects murder. But who’s the killer? Is it one of the club members? Or is someone out to shut WellSpring down? Maybe the real estate mogul with mob connections? Or even one of the men in her life – the charismatic activist or the Wall Street overachiever?

With her sanity at stake and only her German shepherd mutt Rishi to guard her back, Erika steps up her sleuthing to save WellSpring and those who need it most.

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