Eldercide: About the book

When quality of life declines with age and illness, who decides if you’re better off dead? Nursing supervisor Claire Lindstrom suspects a killer is making the final judgment call for the clients of Compassionate Care.
A woman with Alzheimer’s disease dies unexpectedly in the night. Another is found dead beside a stream. Claire sees the beginnings of a sinister pattern, but Paula Rhodes, her temperamental boss, doesn’t want her raising questions. The survival of the home health care agency in upstate New York depends on its reputation for quality care, and a rash of mysterious deaths could kill the business.
Claire antagonizes the county coroner and becomes the prime suspect in the eyes of the police. All the while, from his vantage point near her cottage on Kooperskill Lake, a killer called Gabriel is watching, channeling his obsession with Claire into passionate paintings. Under another name, he’s a man she already knows – but which one? And is he part of a far larger scheme of eldercide?
Our society is rapidly aging, our allotted life spans growing ever longer, but at what cost? Eldercide explores ethical dilemmas most of us will face – if we live long enough.
Available from Amazon or www.virtualbookworm.com

Available from Amazon or http://www.virtualbookworm.com


2 thoughts on “Eldercide: About the book

  1. I hope to read Eldercide soon – for a fewreasons. One : I like mysteries, am trying to cross genre’s from romantic suspense to mystery. and 2. I’m from upstate NYS & wonder about the Lake. Is it a fictitious one? And 3: I’m in the older than dirt category!
    Still learning,

    • Hi Mary. Welcome, and I hope you do buy and enjoy Eldercide soon. And yes, Kooperskill Lake is based on a real lake that I live about 500 feet from. I’d be glad to tell you where, but I’m a little paranoid about revealing too much on line. It’s in Rensselaer County, though, in a town about 15 minutes from Albany.

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