Now you can order copies of Eldercide and Mood Swing: The Bipolar Murders directly from the author. Why give most of the profits to big business when you can order personally inscribed books instead? Just send a certified check or money order payable to Julie Lomoe. Mail to:

            Julie Lomoe

            Post Office Box 504

            West Sand Lake, New York 12196

Price is $14.95 per book plus $5.00 shipping and handling.  Be sure to indicate which book(s) you are ordering and quantities of each. If you’d like the books personally inscribed as well as signed, please indicate to whom.

COMING SOON: Order by PayPal

Questions or comments? E-mail me at

 Eldercide: A Novel of Suspense

Julie was chosen as 2009 Author of the Year by Friends of the Albany Public Library for Eldercide, both for the novel’s literary quality and for its treatment of critical social issues.

When quality of life declines with age and illness, who decides if you’re better off dead? Nursing Supervisor Claire Lindstrom suspects a killer is making the final judgment call for the clients of her home care agency, Compassionate Care. All the while, the murderer is watching, channeling his obsession with Claire into passionate paintings. Set in the fictional upstate New York town of Kooperskill, Eldercide explores ethical dilemmas most of us will face – if we live long enough. The novel was inspired by Julie’s eight tumultuous years running her own agency.

Mood Swing: The Bipolar Murders

Suicide can be an alluring option for people with bipolar disorder. Erkia Norgren should know. Like the gifted young artist she finds sprawled dead behind WellSpring, Erika has experienced the devastating mood swings of the disease. As director of the social club that’s a safe haven for the mentally ill on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, she copes brilliantly – until a killer threatens the club, her life and everything she believes in.

To read more about Julie’s books, including five-star reviews and first chapters, see the additional pages on this blog.

Both books are also available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as from the publisher at


2 thoughts on “BUY MY BOOKS

  1. Hello Julie Lomoe,
    I am ordering your books because your blog came up in response to my search on Picasso The Tragedy. Once I started reading your entry I realized how much I wanted to support your artistic endeavors. Then I read about your books and was convinced even further. My grandmother is 97 and still loves to read a good mystery novel. She is willing to share with me her existential struggles as she endures the sufferings of what my father affectionately calls OLD (Out Lasting Disorder). In addition, I am a licensed mental health therapist and am looking forward to reading your books together with my grandmother.
    Blessings to you as you continue to create,
    Lisa Wilkinson

    • Hi Lisa,

      Thanks so much for your interest. Have you ordered the books yet on Amazon? If not, I’d be happy to send them to you directly if you prefer. Many people have told me they’ve ordered them online, but I haven’t been getting the royalties I’d expect from my publisher. They would be $12.00 per book plus shipping, and I’d be delighted to inscribe them to you.

      I’ll soon be republishing both novels with new covers, so who knows, these editions may one day be collector’s items. If you’d like to correspond further, please e-mail me at

      I’m extending the same offer to anyone else who happens upon this page.


      Julie Lomoe

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