Who will Michael Easton play when he’s back on General Hospital? Win a free book if you guess right.


Michael Easton as John McBain

Hallelujah! Michael Easton will be returning to General Hospital in the very near future, it was announced last week. The chat rooms and fan sites are abuzz with speculation about what role he’ll play, but ABC hasn’t yet leaked any details. I’m sure they’ll string out the suspense throughout February Sweeps Month, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

I’m giving away three first-edition copies of Hope Dawns Eternal!

In the meantime, I’m running a contest and giving away three signed first-edition copies of my vampire soap opera thriller Hope Dawns Eternal to fans who send me their best guesses as to what character Michael will play. Here are the categories:

  • Most imaginative and outrageous
  • Best entry based on knowledge of Michael’s history on General Hospital and other ABC soaps
  • Most accurate guess before the new character is revealed

Caleb Morley

Like the rest of you, I’m clueless as to when the big reveal will take place. It could be any day now, so get your entries in ASAP. I’ll run the contest until the new character is revealed in full, either on screen or in advance publicity or leaks. I’m guessing ABC will keep the secret as long as possible in hopes of a big reveal, but if the news is leaked early, I may close the contest at that point. After all, as author of this blog, I’m the sole judge and jury, as well as the rule maker. Gossip sites and random speculations on various quasi-official sites won’t count; the news has to come from ABC itself.

There are three ways to submit your entries:

  • Comments on this blog
  • E-mails to my personal account julielomoe@gmail.com
  • Snail mail to: Julie Lomoe, Norse Crone Press, P.O. Box 363, Wynantskill, NY 12198

Of course I’d love it if you buy Hope Dawns Eternal now, without waiting to see if you’re a winner. You can read the preface and first chapter right here on this blog. It’s available in paperback from Amazon, as well as on Kindle and in other eBook formats.

Let the games begin!

GH Fantasy Michael Easton

Me and Michael Easton at Fan Fantasy day, April 2014


7 thoughts on “Who will Michael Easton play when he’s back on General Hospital? Win a free book if you guess right.

  1. He will be Valentin Cassadine. Valentin has never appeared to date but has been referenced several times since the 1980s on “General Hospital”. The Cassadines, much like other core families in the series (The Quartermaines, Spencers and the like) are legacy characters. Valentin is supposed to be the most evil of the Cassadines and even Helena Cassadine fears him. Michael Easton has dynamic and dramatic range and has expertly shown he’s as adept at playing evil (Caleb Morley) as he is good (John McBain). It’d be perfect for Michael to be the face of Valentin Cassadine and it would keep him on “GH” for a long time if this prodigal son were to make Port Charles his home and carry on the Cassadines’ legacy.

  2. Obviously I do not know the answer because I do not watch soap operas of any kind. In fact I do not even own a TV. How is that for unusual. If I should be a winner, I’ll give the book to a friend. I hope you get lots of entries, Julie. I will make up an answer and be original. I am guessing he will play the part of the woman lead and dress in drag. How is that for original. Betsy

    • Hi Betsy. I’m closing the contest today and might make you a winner for most outrageous, although that’s stretching things. But you would need to write a review on Amazon to deserve another book, since you’ve never watched the soap. Would you?

  3. Thanks, Betsy. Go for it! But I’d rather you spend the time posting a review on Amazon, assuming it’s a good one!

  4. It’s Monday, March 7th, and the contest is now officially closed! Congratulation to winners Ryan Carpenter and Lois Troutman. I’m working on a new blog post now with more information.

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