Hope Dawns Eternal nearing the Finish Line

Chicago under ice by Shawn ReynoldsHow do you know when you’ve finally finished your novel? Especially when it’s the first in a series?

I thought I’d completed Hope Dawns Eternal, my vampire soap opera thriller, a couple of months ago, but when my husband read it, he thought I needed a more dramatic ending that wrapped up more of the unfinished business. I took his advice, and I’m delighted with the results. Now I’ve finished the final edit, and I’m compiling the 36 chapters into a single document to send off to the man who’s going to format it for me. Yes, I know I could probably do it myself, but I don’t want my technophobia to get in the way of launching it into cyberspace ASAP.

Now I need to confront my biggest bugaboo: marketing. To that end, I’ve just created a new Facebook group called HOPE DAWNS ETERNAL. I just need to figure out how to get people to join it. I printed out a six-page sheet of suggestions from Facebook with helpful hints about involving people in your group, but that’s assuming you already have members. Oh well, I’ll figure it out before I launch my book.

Speaking of marketing, my GoFundMe campaign has been pretty much in limbo since before the holidays, but I’m Goddess Selenereviving it once again in hopes of raising enough money to hire a professional designer and illustrator for my new novel as well as my earlier ones, Eldercide and Mood Swing: The Bipolar Murders, which I’ll be reissuing soon. My goal is a modest $3,333. I’ve found an illustrator I love, but his book covers begin at $1,500, so I’ll have to scale down my aspirations in that department. I did the cover illustrations for my previous novels, and I still love them, but I think I can find someone better.

Please visit the site at www.gofundme.com/gep8ts and consider making a donation, however modest. You’ll have the satisfaction of supporting a worthy cause, and if you act soon, you could be listed in the acknowledgements in Hope Dawns Eternal, and maybe even have a character named for you in the sequel, Sunlight and Shadow.

I’m signing off for now. I’m not good at multitasking, and I’m dying to get back to assembling that humongous document. I’m tweaking here and there as I go, making only minimal changes. For example, on a recent visit to Manhattan, I walked the High Line, the marvelous linear park created atop elevated railroad tracks that used to carry livestock to the slaughterhouses in the meat packing district. Surveying the Chelsea neighborhood from above, I realized I should move the location of the QMA studio from Tenth Avenue around the corner to a side street. And I’m dropping in a few clues foreshadowing the surprise twist at the end.

I’ve left a few loose ends that cry out for resolution, but that’s the great thing about writing a  series instead of a stand-alone – they’ll make a good starting point for the next book. The ideas are already whirling around in my brain, and I’ve already written a few scenes, but I need to keep my priorities straight and launch Hope Dawns Eternal into the big wide world. When exactly will that happen? Subscribe to this blog, and you’ll be the first to know!

9 thoughts on “Hope Dawns Eternal nearing the Finish Line

  1. Julie, I will read this recently completed book of yours if you can supply it to me in book form. I will NOT read it on any kind of screen or devise. So when you get a printed copy ready to sell, let me know an I’ll buy a copy. Betsy

  2. Betsy, I do plan to issue it as a traditional book. I prefer reading that way too. But it may not be available as soon as the online version.

    Marilyn, I’m glad you’re back writing again. Are you going to the Sisters in Crime panel at the East Greenbush Library on Sat. Jan. 31? I probably will, and will rejoin as well.

    • I haven’t thought about it – did go to one of speakers, tho, but I don’t care to be in Robert Un-Knightly’s company. I’ll think about it & check over the program.

      • I hear you, sister! But the group seems to have changed quite a bit since we were involved, so I’m keeping an open mind.

  3. Julie, congratulations on finishing a new project! That must feel so good. I do want to say that $1,500 for cover art is pretty high. There are lots of other ways to get excellent covers for less, so you might want to do a bit of shopping around.

    • Hi Patricia. Great to her from you after all this time. I do plan to shop around for cover art. I’ve visited quite a few sites but found nothing I liked. If you have any suggestions, I’d welcome them. I’m planning to get more active with my online networking again, so maybe I’ll pick up some ideas there.

  4. Thanks, Marilyn. I wouldn’t look locally, but online. I’ve been to quite a few sites but haven’t found anything that strikes my fancy. Who knows, I may end up doing it myself after all and then getting a professional to do the lettering etc. If anyone reading this knows of any good artists or sites, please let me know. I’m looking to spend $300 or less.

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