Hobnobbing with the Stars of General Hospital

HOPE DAWNS ETERNAL – especially after the General Hospital Fan Fantasy day last Saturday.*

With Michael Easton (Dr. Silas Clay)

With Michael Easton
(Dr. Silas Clay)

I’m feeling so blessed to have been able to attend the General Hospital Fan Fantasy event this past Saturday in Montclair, New Jersey. Last November, when I first learned about it online, I immediately splurged on a Platinum ticket, which included a 90-minute meet and greet, including a 1:1 photo opportunity with all ten stars. I’m so glad I did.

GH Fantasy Maura WestI managed to get my photo taken with all of them, and perhaps some of their glamour was contagious, because I photographed far better than I usually do. Unfortunately in the first couple of photos, my hair makes me look wild and crazy. Gisella, my great hairdresser at J.C. Penney, had given me a marvelous cut and blow dry the day before, but I was a few minutes late arriving, and I didn’t have time to check myself in the mirror. A stiff breeze wreaked havoc with my do on the way in. Maura West, aka Ava Jerome, was the first star I posed with, and when I checked the image on my Galaxy and said I looked crazy, she said, “That’s okay, we’re all crazy.”

The actors were uniformly upbeat and friendly, and several said how much

With Tyler Christopher (Nicholas Cassadine)

With Tyler Christopher (Nicholas Cassadine)

they appreciated my coming to the event. Overall, the women displayed more social graces than the men, with the exception of Michael Easton, whose presence was the main reason I splurged on that platinum ticket.

When I walked in to the conference center at Montclair College, Michael was the first star I spotted – the proverbial tall, dark and handsome guy across the crowded room, taller than the other actors and most of the fans, dressed entirely in black. My first thought: jeez, it’s really him, in the flesh, but he looks so small! Of course he was over a hundred feet away, and I was used to seeing him in close-up on a big TV screen.

I queued up with the other platinum fans to meet the stars, and Michael’s line was by far the longest, so I opted to start with some of the others. Tyler Christopher, aka Prince Nicholas Cassadine, was the first, and then I moved on to some of the actresses standing near Michael. When I finally did get to him, he was friendly and gracious, and he seemed genuinely impressed when I offered him a copy of my suspense novel, Eldercide. I inscribed it to him with a note saying he’d helped inspire the character Gabriel. I didn’t tell him Gabriel is a compassionate serial killer of little old ladies, but I hope he’ll read the book and find out.

With Laura Wright (Carly Jacks)

With Laura Wright (Carly Jacks)

Juggling my camera, finding folks to take photos of me with the stars, posing, getting autographs and handing out fliers for my books was a bit discombobulating. Near the end of the meet-and-greet, when I went back to Laura Wright for an autograph I’d missed, I told her I didn’t quite have my act together, she said, “That’s all right, none of us do. Anyone who says they have it together is lying.” She proved her point later, when she emceed the two-hour show with Tyler Christopher, but she was a hoot!

In my next post, I’ll tell you about that session and some of the terrific questions and answers, including how they cry on command and which star got poison ivy up his rectum, but in the meantime, here are some snaps of me with my favorites. Subscribe to my blog so you won’t miss it! And please leave comments: which stars are your favorites, and which photo makes you most jealous?


*HOPE DAWNS ETERNAL is the name of my new soap opera vampire novel. Look for it in May!

With Kelly Thiebaut (Dr. Britt Westbourne)

With Kelly Thiebaut (Dr. Britt Westbourne)

With Dom Zamprogna (Dante Falconeri)

With Dom Zamprogna (Dante Falconeri)


4 thoughts on “Hobnobbing with the Stars of General Hospital

  1. BTW, I made two errors in the captions, both involving the characters’ names, but WordPress has been giving me a hard time, and I’m too lazy to go back and correct them. I’ll bet some sharp-eyed GH fans can spot them, though!

  2. I know how much this meant to you, Julie. I am into opera hunks, myself – check out my website, mekempmysteries.com for a preview, but I’ve discovered that there is an entire blog devoted to handsome baritones! One of them, Ryan McKinny, will be starring in “Carousel” in Cooperstown this summer – I have my tickets all ready!

    • Good to hear from you, Marilyn. I’ll check out your blog – it’s been far too long. Glimmerglass sounds good too, but it’s pretty pricey. Alison and Marilyn, I thought I was virtually done with HOPE DAWNS ETERNAL, but in the past couple of days I’ve totally rewritten the preface, and now I’m rewriting Chapter One. After that it should smooth sailing, though..

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