Help! I need names for my paranormal soap novel!

Caleb and Livie on Port Charles

Caleb and Livie on Port Charles

I’m delighted to see Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco ramping up the chemistry on General Hospital. Folks in the online fan community are abuzz about how great he looks in a black wife beater T shirt, and some are hoping we’ll see him bare chested in the near future. As for me, I like to leave a little to the imagination, and the same goes for Maurice Benard. These actors in their forties are far sexier than the younger guys who bare their six-pack abs at every opportunity because that’s all they’ve got going for them.

In my paranormal soap opera novel, now nearly finished, I focus primarily on mature characters who bear more than a passing resemblance to the actors I just mentioned. The narrator is Lieutenant Jonah McQuarry, who’s played by a reclusive actor named Mark Westgate. When his long-running soap is cancelled, the show’s producers move him to the network’s sole remaining daytime drama. There he encounters a woman he’s sure he knew before on a drama called Oak Bluff, where the actor played a vampire. Before long, there’s a gruesome murder, then another . . .

Michael Easton

Michael Easton

I hope you’ll be able to buy the novel online by Thanksgiving. I’ve got only a couple of chapters left to write, but that won’t begin to wrap up the multiple story lines. I anticipate at least two more books in what I’m calling The Oak Bluff Trilogy. Doing the penultimate edits, I’m psyched about what I’ve written so far.

But now I need your help, because I’m hung up on names – names for characters, places, and the shows themselves. I have some I like, some I’ll probably change, and some that have yet to reveal themselves to me. Whether you’re a longtime fan of Port Charles and One Life to Live or you’ve never heard of them, I’m hoping you’ll come up with some good suggestions. If I use them, I’ll credit you in the acknowledgments. Who knows, I may even name a character after you! Here’s some of what I have so far and what I need. I’ll use a fill-in-the-blanks format.

The soap Oak Bluff was set in the town of the same name. The actor Mark Westgate played the vampire Jesse ________ and his twin brother the priest __________. His lady love, __________, was played by the actress ________. When that show was cancelled, the producer _____________ and the head writer ________ moved over to the long-running soap _________, set in the town of Lindisfarne. They brought Mark with them and cast him as Lieutenant Jonah McQuarry. 

When that soap was cancelled almost a decade later, the same team moved over to the soap ___________, the last daytime drama on the XYZ network. As the new guy in town, Jonah McQuarry was viewed as a rival by the moody mob boss, Tony ______. His hit man, Nicholas ________, also took a dislike to Jonah. Nick’s wife, _________, was played by the same actress who played Jesse’s love back in Oak Bluff, and their chemistry was immediate.

Jonah soon found himself immersed in network politics, and especially the competition from the low-budget talk shows that were replacing the daytime dramas. The former news anchor with the new daytime show, Gloria _________, was a major threat, but she and Jonah soon realized they might be soulmates.


Maurice Benard as Sonny Corinthos

Maurice Benard as Sonny Corinthos

Now I’ve told you about as much as I’d reveal in a blurb for a book jacket or on Amazon in hopes of enticing you to buy the book. Start sending me those names, and I’ll check back with you soon!

The Katie Couric show

The Katie Couric show



One thought on “Help! I need names for my paranormal soap novel!

  1. In regards to the picture you have chosen of Michael, his cover photo on his Facebook. I wrote the following poem about the picture. I was looking at the picture, these words came to mind and on to my computer. I hope you enjoy the writing.


    Light is filtering in through the window
    Casting a glow on a lonely man’s musings

    Reflections in the deep creases of the mind
    Inspiration stirring in the crevices within

    An old soul speaking within the lonely man
    As if in tongues interpreted only by him

    The lonely man feels a strange inner peace
    Reflected in the libations before him

    The lonely man hears his heart beating
    Reflections of time standing so still

    The quiet nook absorbs his small world
    Allowing reflections of his inner spirit

    Café reflections filtering through his mind
    Filling up his time, filling up his space

    The reflections will someday bring forth
    The emotions bursting within him

    The lonely man savors the last drops
    Of the libations glowing in the light

    Café reflections permeate his being
    Strolling again to the city beat!

    Original Poem Written Exclusively to
    Accompany the Photo and for Michael
    Easton, his Facebook, and To Share
    With his Fans

    Written on March 19, 2011
    By: Lois A. Troutman

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