Counting my Thanksgiving blessings

Today I’m down in Woodstock caring for my granddaughters, and I feel truly blessed. Kaya, who’s ten, has the day off from school, but Jasper, three, has a half-day at her Montessori school, and Kaya and I are leaving soon to pick her up. Then I’ll treat them to lunch at Friendly’s in the Hudson Valley Mall. I already know what they’ll order – the kid’s special, with a grilled cheese sandwich, fries, and an elaborate sundae concoction for dessert. I’ll probably have something equally decadent and bad for me, but hey, it’s the holidays. After that, we’ll probably stroll the mall and I’ll treat them to a couple of early Christmas presents, if the crowds aren’t too bad.

I’m typing this on the brand-new computer we bought our daughter Stacey for her birthday in October, in the house she bought over the summer and moved into just a couple of months ago. I’m enormously proud of her – she’s come a long way since her husband died unexpectedly in August of 2008. She and the girls have been gradually moving through the healing process, and they seem truly happy. The house is gorgeous, nicer than our own, and I look forward to spending lots of wonderful time here – including nights when I crash here after partaking of some of Woodstock’s musical nightlife. Oh, and they even have a new cat – a beautful gray tiger-striped, six-months-old male named Loki – who promises to be as friendly as my own cats.

Life is good, and the nasty infighting I described in my last blog post is the last thing on my mind. I know I’m truly blessed, and I have a lot to be thankful for.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone. I hope that like me, you have many blessings to count.

2 thoughts on “Counting my Thanksgiving blessings

  1. The shopping trip with the granddaughters must be a real treat (and I think I would have joined them in ordering the kids’ special — grilled cheese is one of my favorites). I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Julie.

  2. Thanks for your good wishes, Patricia. The day turned out as planned, including the girls’ grilled cheese sandwiches. We picked out some holiday dresses for them which they wore yesterday on Thanksgiving.

    Hope you and everyone who reads this had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and that you managed to avoid the worst of Black Friday.

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