Sneak Preview of my Blog Book Tour!

Mood Swing front coverMy Blog Book Tour starts Monday! I’ve written my first two guest blogs and sent them off to the hosts. It’s odd writing a blog post and not being able to see it up on the web as soon as I click “Publish.” The instant gratification of the Internet is truly addictive, and I’d almost forgotten how much patience it takes to wait. Even a few days feels like ages – and I can hardly bear to think about how long it takes to get a book published.

Here are the links and details for my first three blog stops. I’ll be adding more about subsequent stops next week.



Monday, November 9                        L. Diane Wolfe’s Spunk on a Stick

For my first guest post ever, I’ve written about how my career as an art therapist and home health care administrator inspired and informed both my mystery novels. It’s something I’d never done in such detail on my own blog – interesting how this tour is already helping me focus and fill in some gaps. 

Tuesday, November 10         Maryann Miller’s It’s Not All Gravy

Maryann is currently featuring books that would make good holiday gifts. Rather than toot my own horn in a truly obnoxious fashion, I decided to quote reviews from my fellow writers. Amazing how good it felt to revisit all the great things people said about me! Again, this is something I haven’t done on my own blog. I’m going to create a page for those reviews ASAP. Maybe it’ll help me sell more books!

Wednesday, November 11    Karen Walker’s Following the Whispers

Karen is a fellow alumna from the Blog Book Tour class that took place last May and June. She writes nonfiction focusing on her personal journey, and I admire her honesty and courage when it comes to self-disclosure. I was going to write something comparing memoir and fiction, but I changed my mind after I sent out photos to all the hosts. People loved the photo of me with Lucky, my late golden retriever, and I realized I’d never written about him. So Wednesday’s post will be about dogs I’ve known, both real and fictional. I think I’ll call it Truth can be stranger than fiction: the tragic saga of Lucky, my golden retriever.

People familiar with Blog Book Tours recommend planning and writing your posts far ahead. But hey, I’ve never been that kind of writer – I thrive on the brinksmanship of deadlines. So what will I be writing about after Wednesday? I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

4 thoughts on “Sneak Preview of my Blog Book Tour!

    • Hi Karen,
      Don’t be jealous – just do it! The folks I asked have been very gracious in offering to host me, but I feel far from together. I’m acutely aware of all the things I’ve neglected or failed to do right. I’m already thinking of this as kind of a dress rehearsal for my next tour!

      And I still have to send you my post for Wednesday, which I’ll do later tonight or first thing in the morning. Next time I’ll know better!

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