And the winner is – Nancy Sharpe, for guessing Alexis Grant

Chihuly florabunda rose

Chihuly florabunda rose

Congratulations to Nancy Sharpe for guessing that Alexis Grant was the writer who signed a multimillion-dollar contract in my dream. Nancy wrote as follows:

Sorry, so late weighing in on this – crazy week with several projects – definitely not complaining Hmmmm… many great choices and I see there have been a lot of excellent suggestions. How about Alexis Grant with her travel memoir?

As Nancy notes, she had the advantage of coming in late. Thus her clever sleuthing revealed which writers were already out of the running. Nonetheless, she deserves my heartfelt congratulations, and I’ll be mailing her a copy of Eldercide this week. As I wrote her privately on Facebook, I’m delighted she won, because I admire her blog and her own networking abilities. I’m definitely going to check out her fiction as well. Although I don’t usually read fantasy, I’m sure my granddaughter will love her work.

This morning, Nancy made my day when I read the following comment:

Hi Julie,
Just wanted to let you know I passed the Humane Award on to you in my blog today. Have a great day!

Thanks to the other BBT folks who followed up with additional guesses: Elizabeth Spann Craig guessed Karen Walker. Karen guessed Patricia Stoltey. Patricia guessed Marvin Wilson. Then Patricia weighed in with another idea: “On second thought, were you the star in your dream? If so, we’ll just all hope it comes true. That would be literally living the dream.”

I replied, “Great guess, Patricia. I believe that in dreams, we really are our own stars, in that there’s a part of the self in each character that shows up. So technically, I suppose you could be considered a winner, but I’m going to say no – that’s not who I dreamed about.”

About my choice: Alexis Grant is the only writer from Blog Book Tours I’ve met in person. Soon after BBT began in May, we discovered we both lived in the Capital Region. On May 12th, we met for lunch at Panera, where she gave me an invaluable lesson in blogging. She helped me set up my sidebar, including the link to Twitter, and perhaps most importantly, she encouraged me to stick with WordPress as a more sophisticated and varied blogging program, even though more people are using BlogSpot.

So why did she figure in my dream as the author with the multimillion-dollar book deal? Although she hasn’t yet published a book, I admire the energy with which she’s pursuing her goal and the excellence of her social networking skills, and I believe these may well bring her the success she’s pursuing. Because of the help she’s already given me, and the help she’s offered to give in the future, I hereby pass the Humane Award created by Helen Ginger on to Alexis Grant.

13 thoughts on “And the winner is – Nancy Sharpe, for guessing Alexis Grant

    • I love your positive attitude. And in keeping with the GET MOTIVATED! seminar I attended yesterday, I’m going to affirm that lots of my dreams come true.

    • Sorry you’re bummed out, Helen. But you can always order my books on Amazon! Get them before I’m famous, and you can say you knew me when.

  1. Thank you so much Julie! I truly appreciate this and look forward to reading your book!

    There are so many talented writers I have met through this class. I look forward to exploring all of their work. As for Alexis, I have a great feeling about her and her work as well. Her networking and enthusiasm will definitely be an asset when her book is published. I look for great things from her.

    Thank you, again.

    Nancy, from Realms of Thought…

    • Thanks, Nancy. I agree there are lots of talented writers here. I’m compiling a list for my next Amazon order, which I’ll place as soon as my Social Security check shows up in my account next week! (I’m trying to avoid using my credit cards.)

  2. Thanks guys! I know where to go when I need a boost! It’s been awesome connecting with all of you who are steps ahead of me and so willing to share your knowledge.

  3. Thanks to Patricia, Karen, Jane, Marvin and Kate for your comments – goes to show my dream isn’t all that off the wall. Alexis, you must be feeling great. I hope you copy all these comments and post them on your site! (Or at least copy them for yourself and hang them on your wall.)

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