Contest still open – win a copy of Eldercide!

Eldercide (2008)I’m amazed to report that no one has come through with the correct answer to Tuesday’s contest. This was my first venture into running an online contest, and I had high hopes for an enormous number of responses, but the results were underwhelming.  There’s still a copy of my mystery Eldercide waiting for the winner. Once again, here’s my dream from Monday night:

One of my Blog Book Tours colleagues was celebrating because he/she had just signed a multimillion-dollar book contract with the potential for Hollywood options. I was simultaneously jealous and excited, and I was thinking, “I’ve got to do more of what (he/she) is doing!”

Who was it? I’ll leave it up to you to guess. First one with the correct answer wins a free copy of Eldercide.

Here are the relevant responses:

Patricia Stoltey said, “I’m guessing BBT veteran Beth Groundwater is the author in your dream, Julie. If so, this kind of success would be well-deserved. Beth has studied the promo scene, does a ton of stuff in person and online, and networks like a champion. (And she’s from Colorado, too)”

 Jane Kennedy Sutton said, “If your dreams tend to come true, I hope you were dreaming about me!LOL I haven’t a clue who it really is, so I am going to guess Elizabeth Spann Craig.”

Alexis Grant said, “Ha! I already have a copy of your book, which I’m reading now! Love the beginning. I’m not usually a mystery reader, so we’ll see how I do…”

Elizabeth Spann Craig said, “If only, Jane! Nope, not me. Maybe Helen?” (She’s referring to Helen Ginger.)

 Sorry, ladies, none of you got the right answer – and Alexis, you didn’t even hazard a guess! Steve Tremp suggested kicking back with a bottle of wine at these types of events, but he didn’t name anyone either. Thanks to everyone who commented. I’m highlighting your names as well as those of the writers you nominated, because all your blogs are well worth a visit. And may all your dreams of writing success come true.

Remember: dreams don’t follow everyday logic, so a solid, rational response backed up by facts and statistics might not be the way to go. For more on dreamwork, please revisit my post from May 20th on dreampower and creativity. I’m a great believer in the power of dreams to inspire and guide us on our life paths.

So guess again – I hope to announce a winner on Monday!

10 thoughts on “Contest still open – win a copy of Eldercide!

    • Great guess, Patricia. I believe that in dreams, we really are our own stars, in that there’s a part of the self in each character that shows up. So technically, I suppose you could be considered a winner, but I’m going to say no – that’s not who I dreamed about.

  1. Thanks, Patricia, Nancy and Karen –
    Yes, you’re certainly allowed to guess twice. Thanks for your responses. I just might have some results, but I’m going to leave this as a cliffhanger – just as I do in my mystery chapters. So check back on Monday!

  2. Hi Julie – thanks for the kind words. You are all ready a motivated individual, so the conference must have been gilding on the lily, as they say. What did your daughter get out of it? I’d be curious to know, and I think your readers will be, too. Marilyn aka: M. E. Kemp, author: DEATH OF A BAWDY BELLE

  3. Stacey and I had a great mother-daughter day. We found it thoroughly entertaining, but there wasn’t much that was startlingly original. Glad to get your comment here!

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