Tripping to Milwaukee for a high school reunion

Death on Ridge Road by Grant Wood

Death on Ridge Road by Grant Wood

I’m off to Milwaukee for my 50th high school reunion. It’s almost midnight and I haven’t started packing yet! Need to leave the house by 8am to catch a flight out of Albany.

My last trip to Wisconsin, twelve years ago, was excruciatingly painful. I developed trigeminal neuralgia, maybe from clogged ears on the plane followed by a lukewarm and dirty motel swimming pool. I drove around in agony, alone in a rented car, stopping at emergency rooms all over the state in search of a diagnosis and pain relief. Ended up at a liquor store on a rainy Saturday night in St. Paul, from whence I was due to fly home the next day. Had been trying to find the Mall of America but kept getting lost on thruways.

I told the liquor store clerk, “I’m afraid I’m a danger to myself or others.” She promptly called 911 and I found myself locked in the back of a cop car, trying to convince the officer I’d only been kidding. Having worked in mental health for many years, I knew perfectly well that my words were a red flag. Luckily I escaped arrest, and the officer helped direct me to an inn for the night.

This trip has got to be better! I hope to check in here along the way, but I’ll be using my husband’s laptop, which is old and cranky – a lot like me.

12 thoughts on “Tripping to Milwaukee for a high school reunion

  1. Sometimes I don’t know if stories like this are true or if I’m reading the clever muse of an imaginitive writer. But great anecdote nonetheless.

    My wife is a CNA and does private duty home healthcare. She has gotten me some work doing the same. We have first hand experience working with elderly with dementia and Alzheiners and with younger people who have had serious head injuries and suffer mental problems such as dementia and paranois schitzophrenia. So I can relate to much of your writings.

    Good luck on your trip. Hope you come back with a lot of inspiration and anecdotes for future writings.

    – Steve Tremp

    • Thanks, Steve
      Yes, what I wrote about my trip was totally true – not the product of my imagination.

      You and your wife would really relate to my book Eldercide – hope you get a copy! The home health care agency, Compassionate Care, is the setting, and will continue to provide the background for future novels in the series. As you know from working in the field, there are endless stories there.

    • Thanks, Jane. You’re right, it wasn’t funny! The trip I’m just back from went a lot better.

      I’m enjoying tapping into my humorous side in these blog posts, and have decided I’ll try for more humor in my next novel. Paula, the head of the home care agency in Eldercide, is a secondary character, but I’m going to bring her more into the forefront in the next of the series and let her off-the-wall tendencies come into play.

  2. Thanks to Marvin, Patricia, Alexis and Helen for your good wishes. The trip was a great success; I’m going to post about it tomorrow. It’ll be tricky, though, because some of the people in Wisconsin might actually read my blog, and I don’t want to diss anyone!

    First, though, I’m going to post about my plans for putting my blog on a more regular footing – stay tuned for more details!

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