Mac Attack – Laptop Seduction at the Mall

Available from Amazon or

Available from Amazon or

“The men don’t know, but the little girls understand.” So sang Jim Morrison of The Doors in the song “Backdoor Man.” I’m not a little girl, but I believe men don’t understand the rush that overtakes women – or at least this woman – when they zero in on that “Gotta have it!” item at the mall. Endorphins kick in and there’s a sense of exhilaration. That’s what happened to me today in the Apple store at Crossgates Mall when the young guy in the turquoise tee was demonstrating all the jazzy features on a MacIntosh laptop.

“I’m going to the mall,” my husband said after lunch. My first reaction was that I couldn’t possibly go – I hadn’t even logged onto my computer today. But I quickly gave in, and an hour later we were in Best Buy, looking at laptops. Compaq, Hewlett Packard, Dell, SONY – there were plenty to choose from in a relatively reasonable price range. Taking notes, trying to decipher the features on the tags, it occurred to me that this excursion might be a topic for today’s post.

Then we strolled over to the Apple store to look at Macs. I’d never set foot inside before – some inner voice kept telling me I didn’t need or deserve one. But once inside, I was instantly seduced by the elegant displays. Then all at once we were face to face with a friend who happens to be a minister. A sign from God? I don’t think so – she’s a Unitarian Universalist. But looking unusually blissful, she told us she’d just bought a Mac yesterday, and she was about to meet with one of those guys in the turquoise tees to learn more about how to use it. As she rushed to her assignation, she had the unmistakeable glow of a woman who’s had a transcendent shopping experience. 

While our own guy demonstrated all the jazzy Mac features and my husband asked intelligent geeky questions, I came to that “Gotta have it” decision. It won’t be today or tomorrow – not till after my big high school reunion in Milwaukee at the end of June – but I’m going to get a Mac this summer. I’ll scrimp and save, and I’ve got a July birthday coming up. My PC’s working fine, but my upstairs office under the eaves gets unbearably hot, and it does double duty as the cats’ bedroom and litter box room.

I can picture myself in a month, sitting with my new laptop under the Norway maple in the back yard, or at Panera with my Blog Book  Tours colleagues Alexis Grant and K. A. Laity, blogging in air-conditioned comfort. For now, though, I’ve got to sign off. My cat Lunesta is writhing around on my desk, telling me she wants to go to bed.

Today’s illustration is my cover for my second mystery, Eldercide. Feedback over the past year has convinced me that both the title and the cover are too terrifying for general consumption. Some people love it, but more are put off by it. While trying to sell Eldercide at various events, I’ve sold more copies of Mood Swing. One bookstore owner refused to carry Eldercide because she hates the word “elder” and finds the illustration “ghastly.” I’ll be redoing the cover and retitling the book Evening Falls Early. Much cozier, don’t you think? In the meantime, you can still order Eldercide from Amazon. Who knows, some day it may be a limited-edition collector’s item.

16 thoughts on “Mac Attack – Laptop Seduction at the Mall

  1. Frank, Elizabeth, and I love our Mac’s. They’re great. Plus, the customer service and tech assistance at that Apple store in Crossgates is the most outstanding I’ve found anywhere.

    • Glad to have your opinion, Therese. They have a $99 one-to-one program that lets you get lots of workshops, advice, etc. I’ll probably sign up for it.

  2. I didn’t realize buying a MAC could be such a passionate and sensual experience. I’ll have to try it this weekend at the mall. Seriously, we do need to replace our PCs and laptops with everything MAC soon. Kids love them. Wifey loves them. I love them. For writing and adding visual content for blogs, Microsoft just can’t compete.

    • Yes, it was the visual options at the bottom of the screen that got me, among other things. Before the year’s out, I hope to be posting videos to my site.

  3. Shopping for any kind of new toy in an electronics or computer store is tons more fun than shopping for clothes or groceries. Draw it out, Julie. Visit the store frequently. Build the excitement.

    Hmmm. Sounds like I’m describing something other than shopping. I better stop now.

    • Thanks for the validation, Marvin. If I get it in July, I’ll have lots of time to play with it before my blog book tour in the fall.

  4. Julie, I am happy that you have found connections in the Mac community. I have been a Mac user since 1985 and it’s not always been easy but I stuck with it and am still happy. The elegance you speak of is not just looks but part of the user experience. Well made products are fun and satisfying to use. Mac is one of them. Just so you don’t think I’m crazed about Apple, the Mac I am using now is vintage 1999 and is running near to the latest operating system…slower than modern Macs, but it runs it all and I am a demanding user. Such longevity!
    Once again, congrats. May your experience be a good one.

  5. Oh, a suggestion on the cover. Speaking as a graphic designer, the type could be more in theme with your concept. Centered looks static. Maybe off to the side for your name. The title could be larger so the end letters crop off the book’s edge. It’s much more dramatic without being cliche. The blue of the letters seems calming. not alarming (depending on what the upright figure is doing on the cover). Maybe a deep crimson to punch it up while still keeping in the same color scheme. The typeface itself is an old one and is conceptually fitting for the theme of the book. Just my suggestions. Hope they help.

    • Thanks for the suggestions, David. I’ll definitely consider them when I’m redoing the cover. I did the illustration but not the typography – will have to see what my publisher comes up with. And thanks for the previous comment on Macs as well!

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