Hip hip hooray! I’ve made it through the B.A.D. Challenge!

It’s May 31st, and I’ve made it through the Blog-A-Day Challenge on Blog Book Tours. I’ve earned bragging rights: I only missed one day, because I was down in Woodstock taking care of my granddaughters and didn’t get back till midnight. But since there are 31 days in May, I figure I’ve still blogged for an entire month – after all, most months have only 30 days.

This daily blogging has done wonders for my writing chops. It’s been like what jazz musicians used to refer to as “woodshedding” – just holing up alone and honing your craft. It’s also paid unexpected dividends in terms of things I’ve done less of.


  • Eating – I even skipped lunch yesterday, and that’s unheard of!
  • Drinking – my wine consumption has decreased considerably (not that it was a problem, but wine has lots of calories).
  • Television watching – my favorite shows are on summer reruns, and I’d rather spend evenings blogging.
  • Computer solitaire – Spider no longer has such addictive allure.
  • Shopping – fewer trips to the malls and less spending. Here at my computer, I don’t need fancy clothes.

Thanks to Dani for being such a demanding taskmistress, and congratulations to my cronies in the Blog-A-Day Challenge who’ve also made it through. We all deserve to celebrate today, especially since it’s Sunday, a day of rest. I’ll probably spend the afternoon in the garden – after I check Facebook and Twitter. 

 Yesterday I worked on my static pages: I added “A Message from Julie” and the first chapters of both my novels. Check them out – I’d love your feedback.

Blog-A-Day folks, what has this challenge done for you?



15 thoughts on “Hip hip hooray! I’ve made it through the B.A.D. Challenge!

  1. Thanks, Marvin – and thanks for all your encouraging comments throughout the month. I just put your link on my blogroll – finally.

  2. Discipline? If you saw my office you would know there’s no discipline here. However, I did enjoy myself, and I discovered that something I thought I could not do was possible — pick a subject and start writing without thinking it to death first. And sometimes, it was even decent quality with a little accidental humor thrown in. So for me, I’d say it was discovery more than discipline.

    Will be dropping back often, Julie. Happy writing.


    • Thanks, Patricia! I’ve been enjoying your blog too. As to thinking things to death before writing, I’ve never been able to do that – often I don’t know what I think till I write.

      Are you thinking about guests yet? I’ll invite you to my blog if you’ll invite me to yours. I don’t see myself doing a full tour till September, but this would be a good way to practice and build up our stats.

  3. Thumbs up to you Julie. I didn’t notice I have developed such good habits as yours. But I did notice google search of my book has come up with more listings. And I sure learned a lot from all the buddies.

    In Quest of Theta Magic

  4. Congrats!

    I liked being forced to blog every day. It’s a writing exercise — one that makes me a better writer and thinker. And I learned the benefit of not only reading other blogs, but commenting on the posts.

    I started reading your book last night! Since I usually read 3 or 4 books at a time, skipping from one to another, it might take me a while to finish… but yay for starting! I’m liking it so far!

    • I agree – this blogging has definitely helped my writing.

      Re: my book, I’m starting a page titled “Blurb My Book” where I’ll have reviews from other writers and links to their sites. If you write me a rave, I’ll put you in there.

  5. Excellent — now just keep the momentum going! I have enjoyed getting to know the folks on the challenge. I’m going to reorganize my blog links when I get back from my month in Britain, but I will have a new blogroll of writers that you’ll be included among. Thanks — it’s good to know more local writers!

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