Tough choice – blogging or my live in-person writers’ group?

I’m due in an hour at my live in-person writers’ group, the Sisters in Crime of Upstate New York (aka the Mavens of Mayhem). Hey, Alexis Grant and K.A. Laity, it occurs to me that you can make this meeting too! We meet at the Orchard Tavern, 68 North Manning Blvd., in Albany, NY. There’s good pub food and drink, and a librarian will be talking about the book clubs she organizes and other library-related lore. All welcome – you needn’t be a member! As I’ve said before, what are the odds that three of us out of 22 in the world live within an easy drive of each other. We’re a nexus of power, gals!

As I tell myself to get off this computer, get my butt out of the chair and get dressed, I realize that the sharing that goes on in these blogs is a lot deeper and more useful than what I can expect at the meeting. On the other hand, I enjoy the company and the refreshments. I’m going to propose setting up a blog site for the group – there’s no link to them here, because we don’t yet have an online presence. I’ve promised to try getting a website up and running, but I think this kind of site would actually be more useful. Any thoughts on this, folks?

Okay, I’m off to Twitter and Facebook to announce the meeting once more. Don’t forget to watch the Preakness, everyone! I’m torn – I loved Mine That Bird in the Derby, but how can I not root for the filly, Rachel Alexandra? You go, girl!


8 thoughts on “Tough choice – blogging or my live in-person writers’ group?

  1. Hmmm. I was going to say, “Thanks for the reminder about the Preakness.”

    As for a critique group blog, you pose an interesting question. Since I do interview and author updates for the SinC-RMC website, I am now wondering what we could do to give more members a voice, especially since we’re spread all over Colorado and Wyoming and rarely get the whole membership together. Could be a fun (but also time-consuming) project.


  2. Oh, too bad I didn’t read this sooner! But I was out today anyhow, buying myself a new laptop, finally!

    I think the group would certainly benefit from a blog. The only thing you have to ask yourself is: Would there be enough to blog about? If not, that’s when a regular Web site might be a better choice.

    let us know how it pans out!

  3. Dang! I was writing and working most of the day, so I missed this too, but I did turn on the tv to watch the Preakness. Wasn’t that a fun race!

    Let us know next time and I’ll certainly try to make it (as long as it’s not in June). I’ve never been to the Orchard, but it’s just up the street from me (I live on Western around the corner from Manning Blvd).

  4. Hope your meeting went well. My suggestion would be to begin with a blog for your internet presence. It is interactive, y’all can share responsibilities of blogging to gt it up and running. You can always network your blog into a site later…or do your blog on wordpress where you can add pages to give it a website feel

    NA Sharpe

  5. I envy you 3 girls! So near to each other so you can give some moral support face to face. But I feel blessed to have known all of you, thousands miles away. Must bow to modern technology. Tell you a secret, I still haven’t set up my face book account yet.

    Sexy romance by Enid

  6. Man. or woman, as the case may be. You’ve hit the nail on the proverbial head. I think it’s about balance and scheduling. I’m working at my virtual presence in the morning and my writing in the afternoon and my general collapsing right after dinner. Got to find the happy medium.

    • Karen, thanks for all your recent comments. I’ll read them all when I get a chance, but I may not reply to all of them – this BBT has me overwhelmed. Are you still actively involved? I haven’t seen your name in awhile, but perhaps we’re just checking in at different blogs.

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