Amazing synchronicity amd live WordPress lesson

What are the odds that out of 22 participants in Blog Book Tour’s Blog-A-Day challenge, three of us live in the Capital Region in upstate New York? And that one of those uses WordPress and offered me a live tutorial? (Most people in the BAD challenge are using BlogSpot.)

Today I met Alexis Grant at Panera for lunch and a lesson in WordPress. Among other things, she taught me the right way to insert links and changed the widgets on my page in ways I hadn’t thought possible. She’s a wonderful teacher. Though it will take awhile to assimilate everything, I experienced none of my usual techno-anxiety – perhaps because she did all the work on her laptop, while I watched, asked questions and took notes. I’ll blog more about the experience tomorrow – for now, once again, it’s my cats’ bedtime, and I need to vacate my office.

6 thoughts on “Amazing synchronicity amd live WordPress lesson

  1. One of the fringe benefits of blogging is the friends you make. Extremely rare, however, is it to actually get to meet one of your “e-friends” in the flesh. How wonderful for the two of you! I enjoy Alexis’ blog very much, she seems to be a great gal and your experience and this post add veracity to the e-impression I have gotten about her.

    Wonderful short and to the point post – always enjoy my visits here. 🙂

    • Thanks, Marvin. K.A. Laity lives nearby too – it’ll be even more amazing when the three of us get together!

      Glad you’re still checking in and enjoying my blogs, but for some reason I found your comment in my spam folder. Don’t know why – oh well, at least I caught up with you eventually.

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