Feeling unprofessional and playing Spider

Thanks to all of you who responded to my professional vs. amateur question. I think Alan Chin sums it up best:

“Profession and amateur are both labels. When we push the egos out of the way, we are simply all writers. Some get paid more than other, but pay is not the only conpensation. Bliss is a good reward for doing what you love at your own damned pace.”

Alan, hope it’s OK to quote you and to give the link to your blog. I’d add that treating writing as a profession involves discipline and perseverance – something I don’t have much of at the moment. I got seduced into playing Spider solitaire – anyone else have that problem with computer games? They’re a horrible waste of time, yet somehow I’m unable to stop, even though for me they’re a guaranteed depressant. I wrote a poem about it called “Skinner’s Last Laugh,” which I’ll post one of these days on a poetry page.

I hope all the mothers out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day.

11 thoughts on “Feeling unprofessional and playing Spider

  1. I’m happy that you found my thoughts useful. And thanks for posting my URL.
    As for the computer games, I like to play hearts. I find that every once in a while, I need a distraction. Hearts only takes five minutes to play, but sometimes it makes a world of difference.

    Alan Chin
    Writer, Island Song

  2. Yep — sometimes the magic works and sometime it doesn’t. As long as you get back to it — even a few words at a time — you make progress. It takes persistence, and as long as you want to do it, you will do it.

  3. I play spider when I’m wrestling with a plot problem or thinking about what I want a character to do next. It’s a way to distract my conscious mind and let the subconscious have at it.

    I may be away from cellphone contact for the next 12 days. I will answer posts as I am able.

  4. Spider is my obsessive compulsive got to win one game before I can start to work and one game before I can turn off the computer and then I can judge how depressed I am and how poorly the work is going by how many more games I have to play. I wish the computer didn’t have the game, but if not Spider, I’m sure something else.

    • I’m glad I’m not alone. I still want to write a brief blog today, but first just one win at Spider. I wrote a poem about it I’ll have to post one of these days.

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