Gardening Grandma is exhausted

Thanks, everyone, for your comments about yesterday’s blog. I’ll comment on them tomorrow, and catch up on some of your blogs as well. Tonight I’m too exhausted – I spent hours with my graddaughters in Woodstock, digging a new garden plot and putting in a flat’s worth of annuals. The nine-year-old really got into planting, though not perfectly, while the three-year-old loved wielding the trowel but tended to wreak havoc with what was already planted. A new experience for both of them, and for me too – I’m usually a solitary gardener.

My computer’s really slow tonight too – I think we both need a good night’s sleep. But I didn’t want to break my blog-a-day habit. I look forward to chatting with folks tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Gardening Grandma is exhausted

  1. Ah, gardening. Yep. It’s fun, if my wife and I can agree on where the plant goes, it’s orientation in the hole, and once in place that, no, it would NOT look better 6 inches to the right!

    Best Regards, Galen

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