A bitchy old crone, and proud of it!

I was looking forward to spending the afternoon catching up with the Blog Book Tour digests, reading your blogs and responding, but I got waylaid by some weird interchanges with someone who is organizing an upcoming writers’  event. I can’t be more specific, because I don’t want this posting to come back and bite me in the behind. Suffice it to say that she suggested I drop out because my attitude wasn’t happy and positive enough. Supposedly the other writers selected are all “nice” and excited about cooperating for the event. I said I wouldn’t drop out – I’d been selected for the quality of my work, not my niceness.

After a couple of e-mail exchanges and then some unsolicited phone calls from this person, I could feel my blook pressure rising, and a little twinge of pain radiating down my left arm – a sure signal of stress that I’ve learned to listen to. Not anything life-threatening – I’ve had it checked out – but when the clock on my computer hit 5:00pm, I did pour myself a glass of red wine, strictly for therapeutic purposes, of course.

Fortunately, at this time of life I have the luxury of picking and chosing the people, places and projects that I’m involved with, and of being able to cut the unnecessary negatives out of my life. I’ll put up with this woman for now because the event is worthwhile, but after that, she’s history!

My sympathies are with those of you who still have to kowtow to nasty employers and other negative folks for the sake of yourlivelihood – it’s much more fun being a bitchy old crone!

13 thoughts on “A bitchy old crone, and proud of it!

  1. Julie,

    I’d first like to say that the picture on your blog is magnificent – so tranquil – it put me at ease the instant I saw it.
    Then I started reading your posting, which is anything but serene. I’m still laughing…

    You are so right that time is too short to continue dealing with stressful situations or people who are not supportive. I walked away from a high stress, high paying job ten years ago and it was the best move of my life. Now I spend my time doing what I love and I answer to nobody but my husband.

    Life is grand when you live it on your terms.

    Thanks for sharing,
    alan chin

  2. Sorry you are having to deal with such unpleasantness – glad to see your focus is on the greater good of the event. Hope things settle down. If not…it is always 5:00 somewhere! Oh, and I do like Pat’s suggestion of chocolate – chocolate ALWAYS makes things better 😀

    NA Sharpe

  3. I too had a recent bad exchange with a ‘writer/author’ some 6 weeks ago… and it made me wonder about how lucky I am to not have to put up with idiots like that lady in any aspect of my life today 🙂

    All success
    Author: “Think, Write & RETIRE!”

  4. From one “bitchy old crone” to another, you go girl! Yes, it is lovely to have reached a time in life where we can pick and choose the people who populate it. I think you made a wise decision to continue participating if it is something that will serve you. And I’m with Pat, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate–in moderation, of course.
    Karen Walker

  5. LOL — is there any problem red wine can’t make a little more bearable? I think you are very wise.

    Jane, the sun’s always over the yardarm somewhere!

    I am happy because it’s Tuesday during finals week, which means not only will I be turning in grades today and be free to enjoy the conference I’m off to tomorrow, but it’s the standing appointment for my weekly soiree with my colleagues in History & Political Science — which just happens to take place at Mahar’s, AKA the best bar in the world.

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