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Freezing rain dashes hopes for skiing

I just restyled my page design, and the misty scene I chose perfectly captures the mood of my second novel, Eldercide, which is set in autumn in upstate New York. In fact, one of the victims is found dead alongside a stream, though a smaller one than this.

My next novel in the series, set in the fictional town of Kooperskill, will take place in winter. But not a winter like this one – we’ve had yet another attack of freezing rain. Today I’d been set to start a six-week series of women’s ski days at Jiminy Peak in the Berkshires, complete with lessons, lunch, and an afternoon at their luxury spa, but it wasn’t worth risking my life, either on the slopes or the winding roads on the way to them. But I created this blog instead, so the day hasn’t been a total loss, even though I can’t get my money back for the lost day of skiing.

Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog. I’m a mystery writer from upstate New York, with two published novels: Mood Swing: The Bipolar Murders (2006) and Eldercide (2008). Please visit my website,, to read the first chapters. Then, if I’ve piqued your interest, you can order them from Amazon, where you can also read the five-star reviews. 

Except for Crimespace, the excellent mystery writers’ site, this is my first venture into the blogosphere. I’ve made it a New Year’s resolution to overcome my technophobia, and I invite you to bear with me as I learn to navigate my way around this unfamiliar realm.